Monday, January 16, 2012


HOORAY! I've been invited to participate in Lori Anderson's bead soup blog party! ( I'm so excited! Lori was the inspiration and motivation for me starting this blog, and now I have a creation assignment to look forward to! Once completed, it will be showcased right here, exclusively for you, on my fabulous blog! This project is perfect for me, because due to class and applicaitons, I've been somewhat lax in making any jewelry. Now, I have an assignment and I'm hoping it will be the catalyst to get my ass in gear and use some of the gorgeous beads i've been hoarding. Plus, it will get me focused on creating and away from checking on my applications every 15 seconds.

speaking of hoarding...Brian (my handsome honey) is incredibly supportive. However, he does not fully understand my need for beads. Anytime there is a bead store where we are or are going, I desperately want to visit it. I want to peruse and purchase. It's an addiciton that I like to call "my need for creation." I think that sounds better than "bead addiciton." I'm curious if other beaders / jewelry makers have the same I pose this question to you....are you a bead / supplies /materials hoarder? do you suffer from this creation contagion? If you have a chance, comment and let me know.

Well, I suppose I should get back to my other duties and obligations....Have a great day!

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